Incident Outside Florida Residence Involves Shooting of Rapper Jackboy's Younger Brother

The shocking incident as rapper Jackboy's younger brother is shot outside their Florida home. Get the latest updates on this development story.

Dec 14, 2023 - 00:02
Dec 14, 2023 - 01:05
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Incident Outside Florida Residence Involves Shooting of Rapper Jackboy's Younger Brother
rapper Jackboy's younger brother

Rapper Jackboy's younger sibling was subjected to multiple gunshot wounds outside his Florida residence on Wednesday morning, as confirmed by his team to Urban Island. The victim, currently in a serious condition, was expeditiously airlifted to a nearby hospital after the incident.

Upon receiving reports of the shooting, deputies from the Port St. Lucie Police Department swiftly responded to the 11000 block of SW Stockton Pl. The preliminary investigation indicates that a young adult male in his driveway was approached by the suspect, who shot him multiple times.

The victim was promptly airlifted to Lawnwood Hospital in a serious condition, while the suspect fled the scene in a vehicle. Authorities believe this to be a targeted attack with no immediate threat to the surrounding community. Residents are advised to steer clear due to their substantial police presence.

The identities of both the victim and the suspect remain undisclosed at this juncture. Initial confusion speculated that the victim was the rapper himself, Jackboy, but subsequent reports clarified that it was, in fact, his younger brother who fell victim to the shooting.

The news triggered a wave of reactions on social media, with many expressing their concern and extending their well-wishes. "Praying for Jackboy's brother. Hope he makes it out alive," one person wrote, while another commented, "Sending prayers to Jack's family."

About Jackboy

Jackboy, whose real name is Pierre Delince, is an American rapper and songwriter. He was born on August 27, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida. Jackboy gained recognition for his association with Kodak Black, another prominent rapper from Florida. The two artists share a close friendship and have collaborated on various musical projects.

Early Life and Career Beginnings: Growing up in Pompano Beach, Jackboy became involved in the local music scene at a young age. He started making music in his teens and quickly garnered attention for his unique style and lyrical prowess. His early exposure to hip-hop culture influenced his musical direction.

Association with Kodak Black: Jackboy's breakthrough came through his association with Kodak Black, a fellow Pompano Beach native. The two artists collaborated on several tracks, and Jackboy became a part of Kodak Black's Sniper Gang, a collective and record label. Their musical partnership contributed to Jackboy's rising prominence within the rap scene.

Musical Style and Discography: Jackboy is known for his distinctive flow, blending elements of trap and melodic rap. His music often reflects the realities of his upbringing, addressing street life, personal struggles, and experiences in Pompano Beach.

He has released several mixtapes, including "Stick Up Kid" (2016), "New Jack City" (2016), and "Living in History" (2018). Jackboy's debut studio album, "Jackboy," was released in 2020 and featured tracks like "Pressure Bust Pipes" and "Spittin Facts."

Personal Life: While Jackboy is celebrated for his musical talent, details about his personal life, especially outside the realm of his music career, are often kept private. Artists like Jackboy often maintain a balance between public and private life, choosing to share specific aspects of their personal experiences through their art.

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