A Star Orbiting The Black Hole Of The Milky Way At 18 Million Miles Per Hour

A recently discovered star, now known as S4716, is traveling at an astonishing 5,000 miles (8,000 km) per second around the black hole at the center of our galaxy

The vast expanse of our universe means astronomers are always finding something they’ve never seen before.

Earlier this week, astronomers spotted Two bus-sized asteroids heading toward Earth, which will pass a quarter of what separates us from the Moon.

Aside from asteroids, our galaxy is of particular interest to astronomers looking for signs of other life-supporting planets.

In the center of the Milky Way is a supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A* or Sgr A* and S4716 is orbiting this black hole at a fierce pace.

S4716 is the fastest star orbiting Sgr A*. It completes its orbit around 14.6 million km (23.5 million km) in diameter. Black hole In just four years.

What we know about S4716

S4716 is part of a dense group of other stars also orbiting Sgr A* that astronomers refer to as the S group.

Another star in this group, known as S2, is more commonly known and is much larger than S4716.

S4716 is about 9.2 billion miles (150 million km) close to the black hole, about 100 times the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

While S2 helped us understand more details about Sgr A*, it has drawbacks.

How did astronomers discover the fastest star?

“S2 behaves like a large person sitting in front of you in the cinema – it blocks your view of what’s important.

So S2 often obscures the view to the center of our galaxy,”